Below is the start of my novel. Publishing details on “Into A Cursed Land” link in right hand column. Enjoy…

There’s a lot of rubbish talked about magic. People like to make it seem more difficult than it is. They use swanky hand gestures, wear flowing robes, and shout incantations in magical languages that no one else understands without years of training. Yeah right! I knew it was all rubbish. Magic in this land was easy to do, which had saved my life more than once. Okay it had put my life in danger but here I was – fifteen years old and still breathing.

I was Edwy, Lord of the Trees. I suppose I must look like a scrawny sharp-faced teenager, but no one here messed with me. No one who did survived to tell the tale. I was working in Government Woods as part of my job. The beech trees in this glade needed checking for dead branches. While I searched my long blonde hair was being blown in my eyes by the flick of a summer breeze.

“Boss!” panted my lardy assistant Pete, “I think I’ve found–”

I never discovered what he had found. Pete was interrupted by a loud screaming noise from the sky. We glanced up from our work. Something big shot over the tree tops, travelling very fast. It was so fast I didn’t have time to take in any details. It was gone, and I had no chance to stare after it. Hundreds of balls of shimmering light had dropped from underneath the big screaming thing. They floated to earth in my direction. In the sunlight, glittering rainbows shone on their surface. They looked like soap bubbles on the breeze. As they drifted down two of them hit branches and exploded, in a way that soap bubbles don’t. Even worse many more bounced onto the ground. Shocked, I observed these in detail as I had missed the large screaming flying object. The flickering globes had no real colour, just a rippling rainbow of reflected light. But they looked solid underneath their swirling surface. As they landed, the bubbles grew legs. My shock turned to horror. It was a good job I was watching carefully, otherwise I would not have believed my eyes. These were no known creatures, but they were running towards Pete and me, in a mass of shimmering faint rainbows.

One hit a tree trunk in the glade and exploded in orange flame. Splinters flew. The rest of the bubbles were weaving between the trunks in our direction. This shook me into action. I had no doubt I would be blown to pieces if they reached me. With one swift flick of my arm I waved the nearest bit of wood in the direction of the charging simmering objects and shouted “Die”. They closed in on Pete and me, but all of them crumbled up and died as they hit my spell. As I said, magic is easy.

It was all over in a few seconds. I glanced at Pete. There was a look of horror on his fat, spotty face. He was still frozen in shock which perfectly demonstrated why I was a Lord, and he was only an assistant.

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