For a bit of political balance, here’s one about the leader of the opposition…

Ed Milliband

Ed Milliband, Ed Milliband,

as bland as a rubber band.

In fact Ed Milliband

Is Milli Vanilli bland.

I really don’t understand

Ed Milliband, Ed Milliband.

Not quite as posh as the con/dem leaders,

more middle class and that bit weedier.

About as stylish and about as cool

as a wimpy kid in a grammar school.

Ed Millibland, Ed Millibland,

as opposition leader he’s planned,

to try to save us from the Tories

by being boring and being nerdy.

Ed Milliband, Ed Milliband,

not a bit like a millipede;

they’ve got the legs to give

the Tories a kicking for five years;

you haven’t…


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