Here’s another political poem, I wrote a couple of weeks back during the Lib Dem conference…

“Go back to you constituencies, and prepare for obliteration”

Nick Clegg, Nick Clegg,

your promises were a pile of smeg.

You’ve the poll ratings of a rotten egg.

The policy lies of Nick Clegg’s

as tasty as a pasty from Greggs.

He’s the gravitas of coffee dregs.

Nick Clegg, Nick Clegg,

for a whiff of power you’d happily beg.

You’re a rainy weekend in Skeg-


The Fib Dems and Nick Clegg;

as much fun as a broken leg;

as real ale as a Fosters’ keg.

Nick Clegg, Nick Clegg;

a hard drive that holds half a meg;

a low resolution jpeg.

The Lib Dums and Nick Clegg

are a modern day herd of Steg-


They had brains the size of a pea

and got wiped out in a disaster

You will be.

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