Blairgowrie1I have been reciting and workshopping again. I was invited to Blairgowrie High School, to visit a S1 class in the Learning Resources Centre. The children hadn’t seen any performance poetry, so I recited a few examples to give them an idea of the variation in tone and subject matter than can be covered by performance verse. The pupils heard about a cat-eating cloud, a short-sighted rhinoceros, and an internet ordering mix up. Some of the poems had call and response lines to engage the children.
After the poems it was time for a “Descriptiveness and Performance Workshop”. I explained what similes and metaphors were, and then the pupils came up with a few examples, before writing a list poem using similes about a rainy Monday. As the workshop was taking place on a rainy Monday there was plenty of inspiration outside the window, and some excellent descriptions resulted.
The pupils then did an exercise portraying an experience in terms of a different experience, and another one where they had to come up with imaginative descriptions.
After I had recited a few more verses, I explained various performance techniques. Then the children wrote their own poem about an inanimate object that came alive. Some of these I recited to the class, and some pupils were even confident enough to get up and recite their own poem in front of everyone else.
The pupils enjoyed their brush with performance poetry, and hopefully the workshop has managed to spark an interest that will get them writing and reciting.
Thanks to everyone at Blairgowrie High School and especially Mrs. Pieroni for organising the event. Their blog post is here.


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