I have to say I’ve got a problem
With National Poetry Day.
The theme this year is the word Remember
Which fits with World War One okay,
But remember, remember barely rhymes.
It makes writing verses tricky
I could couple it with November
But thanks to Guy Fawkes
That one’s already gone.
Remember, remember the twenty-fifth of December
Drunk uncles, turkey, and cringe.
And remember a moustache is for life
Not just Movember,
Which doesn’t leave much else except ember,
And member and dismember which aren’t strictly rhymes
And you don’t want a poem of mine that includes
Member, remember, and dismember.
So, Whose idea is it to base
National Poetry Day
On a word you can hardly rhyme?
Perhaps it’s a plot by posh poets,
Whose verses never rhyme ever.
I’ll believe it’s all a conspiracy,
If next year the theme
Is announced to be,
The word Orange.
Cos nothing rhymes with orange
Not even remember.

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