I’ve been avoiding the news the last few weeks, as it’s party conference season. I have a dislike of politicians (with very, very few exceptions) but Tories are particularly boke inducing. So I wrote this poem for their party conference which has started. In the interests of political balance, I have ones from the recent Lib Dems and Labour back slapping fests which I will post up later…

Tory Party Conference Poem

Tories bore me, Tories bore me

watch their falsehoods on TV

open their mouths, my eyes glaze over

open their mouths, I switch over

lies and distortion, lies and distortion

repeated and repeated to reinforce them

repeat, repeat, repeat, ad nauseam

til blokes in the street quote back to me

word for word Tory policy

Cut , more cuts, the only pitch

turn the NHS into another fine mess

Cut services, cut benefits

turn the NHS into an Eton mess

we have to cut, life’s a bitch

then cut the tax rate for the rich

“cos we’re all in this together”

So, if someone would slam a hammer on

The nose of David Cameron

it  would rhyme…

…and it would hurt